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FIC: Snapped Safety Line - We'll throw the world out the window
and take a running leap into space
FIC: Snapped Safety Line
Title: Snapped Safety Line
Author: comp_lady
Pairing: Johnny/Paul
Characters:Johnny Martin, Paul
Genre: Hurt. And Pain.
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I own nothing (except the OCs, those are mine) and am making no money
Warnings: Implied character death
Notes: Written for the writing meme Shayz posted to her Livejournal. Inspiration: Paramore- Turn It Off
Summary: How fast does an addict fall when their safety line snaps? Do they even care?

Johnny was falling all over again.
Falling, falling, falling,
Above him is the cliff he fell from (dived from?). Red is staining the edge and dripping down, down, down. It dries ruddy brown against the grey stone.
Air whooshes past his ears, whipping his hair everywhere.
He should probably try and turn around to see how far away the ground is.

Paul has his hands in Johnny’s hair, gently ruffling it, and he’s pressing feather light kisses to Johnny’s face.
“It’ll be a quick job” he says “I’ll be home by the end of the week.”
A month later one of Paul’s connections stands at the door. The guy that looks like a rat. He has Paul’s suit jacket in his hands. The one Paul wore as he left.
Johnny want to throw up, his head is made of cotton wool.

But then it doesn’t really matter does it? He’s free falling. He’ll hit the end eventually.
The edges of the too large coat flap around him, as if trying to take flight and save him.
Johnny lets his eyes fall closed.
Everything will be better when he hits bottom.

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