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FIC: Multiverse 1/7 - We'll throw the world out the window
and take a running leap into space
FIC: Multiverse 1/7
Title: Multiverse
Author: comp-lady
Pairing: James McAvoy/Michael Fassbender, McFassy
Characters: James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender
Genre: Romance, tragedy
Rating: Hard PG-13 to R
Disclaimer: I own nothing (except the OCs, those are mine) and am making no money
Warnings: Major character death, descriptions of violence OVERALL. No Major warning for this chapter. Future chapters will have any additional applicable warnings placed here in the beginning.
Notes: For my wonderful prompt for the McFassy Spring Fest 2012 by lillian_raven
Summary: They lived so many lives together so why it is so hard to find a happy end?

There is a theory, a not uncommon theory, known as the multiverse theory.

This theory states that there are multiple universes, one for every situational possibility that can be imagined. These other universes can be so different from ours that they are unrecognizable or the difference can be so infinitesimal that it is hardly noticeable.

Another theory runs along a similar thread. The theory, or belief to be more accurate, is that some people are destined to know one another. That no matter the universe or the circumstances they will find each other and they will love each other and they will be together.

What most don't know is that both these theories have truth to them, though the latter rarely turns out to be as happy as most believe it would.

These are merely a handful of stories among millions.

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