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FIC: I Wish I Could Still Find You - We'll throw the world out the window
and take a running leap into space
FIC: I Wish I Could Still Find You

Title: I Wish I Could Still Find You
Author: comp-lady
Pairing: Hints at: Erik/Charles, Emma/Shaw
Characters:Charles Xavier, Emma Frost
Genre: Angst
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I own nothing (except the OCs, those are mine) and am making no money
Warnings: Mentions of the possible beginnings of Charles alcoholism (from DOFP), and of the war/draft
Notes:See ao3, to tired to actually include it here -.-
Summary: Emma knows when Charles Xavier is looking for Erik. Can feel the determination and desperation; she can give Charles a glimpse of Erik. Something to soothe the pain. She can't make Erik take off the helmet, and she can't stop the changes that the passing of times brings.

Read here on ao3

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