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Friends Locked - We'll throw the world out the window
and take a running leap into space
Friends Locked
Yes this journal is friends locked.
Fanfiction and most Fandom stuff will be unlocked; but personal stuff, real life stuff and the like will be locked. But if you're just here for the occasional fic or my fandom rants, or the occasional cooking post then you're all good :D

As I am of age most of the things I post to my journal will be of a PG-13 rating, with the occasional R. NC-17 will be a rare thing if it ever shows up. Thus please be responsible, take a look at the warnings and don't read it if you're not supposed to. And for hell and high heaven's sake don't tell me if you read something here you shouldn't!

FPF Stories: THE CHARACTERS USED ARE NOT MINE (unless stated otherwise)! The characters I use belong to their respective authors, creators, publishers, directors, companies etc. I don't claim to own them, all I do is borrow them. So don't get mad and threaten me with anything.

RPF Stories: I'm not claiming that any events I depict in my stories actually happened. I don't know them, I am not pretending to know them, I am not claiming to know them, I am not pretending to be them, etc. I'm writing pieces of fiction, not biographies. If anything you read here comes close to instances that have happened in real life then I can safely say that they are most likely just coincidences. And if by some small chance you end here because you googled your name, or some dolt linked you here and you read the fic anyway... well I mean no insult, honestly, and anonymous commenting is on? Please don't hate me... or sue me.


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